Wall of Spears

by Thorr-Axe

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Our first full length. A lot of these songs were written when we were still in high school or just fresh out of it. Enjoy!


released May 21, 2011

Tucker Thomasson - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Mitchell McKinney - Bass and Lead Guitar on "Hall Under The Mountain"
Travis Roach - Drums

Sabrina Jarrett - Backing Vocals on "Sundering Of The Frost Giant"



all rights reserved


Thorr-Axe Bloomfield, Indiana

Four dudes.
Some amps.
Some drums.
Songs about dragons and vikings and giants and shit.
Bang your head.
Break shit.

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Track Name: Wall of Spears
Norse warrior bringing death on the bridge
Hold until death, he shall meet the gods
Horde swarms the bridge, berzerker holds his ground
Stares down the wall, bloodlust in his eyes

The wall of spears approaches
They hear the battle cry
These warriors hubris pays
They don't know they will die

Wall of men haults, stopped dead in their tracks
Berzerker rage smashes through blockade of shields
Axe from the sky pierces Saxon helms
Forty men dead from a murderous kill-spree
Track Name: The Island
Once upon a clan dispute, lawgiver presides
Holmgang, to the island bound, one of us must die
Justice dealt in price of blood, chieftain does decree
Preparing for fight to death, my sword thirsts for blood

I'll hunt you down, smash your face into the ground
I'll track you down, drive my axe into your crown
Here on this island, two men enter, one man leaves
And from the looks of it that one man will be me

Horns were raised, the gods were hailed, when I was set loose
Torches blazed, chants did rain from the Gothi's mouth
I can smell your trembling fear of what shall come to pass
Songs of heroes in my ears from time long passed

Found you now, can't allow you to leave alive
Your blood spilled, on the hill my prophecy fulfilled
Find my way back to the shore to leave the island cursed
Of all the prices you have paid your life was the worst

I tracked you down, smashed your face into the ground
I tracked you down, drove my axe into your crown
There on that island, two men entered, one man left
And from my victory the gods did laugh
Track Name: Hung For Nine Days
From the mists of time, gone long from memories
World tree stands through nine worlds, gallows soon to be
Odin, Alfather one-eyed, hung from the tree of doom
For knowledge arcane, pierced by his own spear

Hung for nine days bound by spear, Sacrifice of blood
Hung for nine days, windswept long, For power of runes
Word from word gave words to me, Nine lays of power
Deed from deed gave deed to me, On that ancient tree

Scream out to the wind, fell from mighty Yggdrasil
Bolthor taught me nine songs of might
Horn filled with mead, mixed with Odrerir
Runes you will find, earned by the spear god

Know how to cut them, know how to read them
Know how to stain them, know how to prove them

Know how to evoke them, know how to score them
Know how to send them, know how to send them
Track Name: Dragon King
We wage a war against the orcs
For freedom of this hallowed ground
And if they touch this holy land
Then we shall fail our blessed king

And yet we see before our eyes
Our swords, they break inside this mine
We must escape to summon forth
The Dragon King called Valefor

The Dragon King inside his keep
Eternal sleep will be upset
O, Dragon King, we besiege of thee
To come up from your fiery hold

The orcen horde know not what wait
Inside this mine and past our gates
Their force entered beyond the gates
And there, they meet the Dragon King
Some did turn, and some did fight
Those foolish foes, knew not his might

The Dragon King inside his keep
Eternal sleep has been upset
O, Dragon King, we praise of thee
For coming from your fiery hold
Track Name: Brewmaster
In a time before time
Deep in Ginnungagap
The giant Ymmr laid
Nourishing on beer

From the beer blocks frozen
Came the god Odhinn
With one thing on his mind
To slay the giant

A story told from old
From ancient times of cold
A Brewmaster will rise
A warrior of time

Legacy of brew passed down
Tools of trade just like a crown
Hero of the swill arise
To the gods this brew will rise

All Midgard will bathe in beer
Track Name: Hall Under the Mountain
A plan has been laid out
We'll approach the stronghold from the south
To steal the riches there
We'll evict the dwarves right from their lair

Hall under the mountain, where untold riches lay
Hall under the mountain, hid from the light of day
Hall under the mountain, we storm the mountains gate
Hall under the mountain, this gold is in our fate

The dwarves are dug in well
Where the golden room is they won't tell
We found their golden horde
Making off with riches untold
Track Name: Sundering of the Frost Giant
On top of the Great Old Iron Mountain
Where the frost giant sleeps
Primordial one of the frost-times lies
In a sleep oh so deep

Oh great wizard from the northlands cold
Whose robes shadow times of old
What brings you here to my frozen keep
To disturb my ancient sleep

On top of the Great Old Iron Mountain
Where the frost giant once did sleep
Primordial one of the frost-times lies
In death, the deepest sleep